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Your custom design

Lantal's experienced design team can give you competent support in the implementation of your ambitious design visions. And our production specialists will make sure that your products comply with the strictest quality standards. 

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Lantal's designers will accompany you in bringing your envisaged interior design concept to fruition. We have the competencies and technical resources to back up this promise. 

To produce an optimized result, the design development process at Lantal involves several phases: 

First, the design team analyzes your corporate identity and your visual vocabulary. The insights from this phase deliver the first design and color concepts .

Lantal can optimize the colors and the design of the textiles with simulations or retouched scans. This allows you to recognize at a very early stage whether the design suggestions comply with your expectations. 

You can appraise your product selections in a realistic setting because Lantal visualizes the modified fabric and carpet renditions with a 3D graphics program.

The last step prior to production involves weaving a sample of the chosen design. The woven sample gives you a realistic impression of the end product in terms of color and quality. 

Hand tufting

Wool, silk, leather, synthetic yarns, and Lurex are used to create hand-tufted carpets. Each carpet is one-of-a-kind – from plain monochrome styles to elaborate works of art with reliefed and embossed structures and customized shapes.

Textile professionals meld artistic elements, exquisite artisanal techniques, and exclusive materials to craft masterpieces of superb quality and timeless beauty.